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“Mary” Came A-Calling

May 3, 2013


Leading the daily procession

There is a saying for those who go to Lourdes: “When Mary calls, you will go.” Last October when the Western Region of the Order of Malta mailed out the volunteer applications for the 2013 Pilgrimage, my husband completed and return the application immediately.  He also included an application for our 13-year old daughter.  The […]

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Our Lady of Lourdes Pray for Us

February 11, 2013


It is the XXI World Day of the Sick in the Catholic Church; it is also the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes.  As mentioned in earlier posts, Lourdes, France is a magical and mysterious place of healing, grace and universal love.  It is common to hear phases like “Mary called me to go” […]

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A Spiritual May Day Bouquet

May 1, 2012


Oh My Blessed Mother, in your heart I place ...

I love May!  It is the month of “Mary” – the month of the Blessed Mother.  It reminds me of the joys of childhood when I would leave a basket or bouquet of flowers at a neighbor’s door on the 1st.  After ringing the door bell, I would run away with giggles and delight. This […]

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