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Men in Action for Jake

February 27, 2015

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“Act as if everything depended on you, trust as if everything depended on God.”   by St. Ignatius of Loyola Jake Peters is a junior at Loyola High School, Los Angeles, a Jesuit, all boys, college preparatory school embedded in the teachings of St. Ignatius.  I do not know Jake or his family, but my son […]

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Lovingratitude Thursday – God is on my Team

February 19, 2015



It have had a silly dream that has lived  in my mind’s eye for over 40 years.  It all started when I learned to play volleyball.    I always felt my goal was unachievable based on my height.  One coach suggested that I not even try.  Today, my dream became a reality, and a friend […]

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Gratitude’s Wake-Up Call

May 27, 2014



I live a blessed life.  Yet, at times, it is easy for me to get on the”complainer”  path.  Not that I whine or complain a lot, there are just a few “issues” or “life situations” I wish I could change or control.  I guess I feel that complaining about it will change it.  In reality, […]

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Embrace Your Being of Interest

May 21, 2014


Beyond the Self-Imposed Box of Life

I have a new mantra, a new prayer these days thanks to a recent college admissions workshop my husband and I attended.  The program was led by a group of admissions officers from a well-established, respected and sought after university.  Prior to attending, we, along with  300 participants, assumed the role of a college admissions […]

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