I have always believed we are all praying to the same God but in a different way. This was not something I learned in school, from a book or my favorite television show. It was my personal knowing since childhood. I have not shared a great deal about prayers working until a few years ago when I found myself with a group of diverse, lovely and like-minded women. I was leading what we came to call our monthly “Spiritual Spa Day.” For over two years, we had a sacred and intimate time attuning to that part deep inside of ourselves that connects us to our truth, our goodness and our gifts. The place of the whisper.

Those wonderful, magical Spiritual Spa Days ended as it seemed everyone with the exception of  me found their next step.  I continued to keep my own little prayer to Spirit to please show and guide me too.  It was in my awareness the prayer was answered over a year later.

There are miracles in every day living both large and small. We just have to slow down a bit and take a moment to reflect, to pray, to exist, and to imagine the possibilities. It is my hope the stories and other tidbits I share will inspire joy, goodwill, awareness, gratitude and touch that place deeply inside of your heart, the place of the whisper.

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Wishing you joy-filled blessings.

Mary Ann