Mindfulness Monday – The Daily Examen*

IMG_5501.JPGSt. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuit Order, popularized a prayer called “the daily examen,” an examination of conscience, to see where God was active in your day.

Below are the five easy steps to pray the examen at the end of your day.  The prayer will take 15-20 minutes.  Overtime, you might notice God’s presence in the moment, and your day will become a prayer.

1) Presence: Remember that you’re in the presence of God in a special way when you pray. Ask God for help in your prayer.
2) Gratitude: Recall two or three things that happened today for which you are especially grateful. Savor them. Then thank God for these gifts.
3) Review: Review your day from start to finish, noticing where you experienced God’s presence. Notice everything from large to small: from an enjoyable interaction with a friend to the feel of the sun on your face. When did you love? When were you loved?
4) Sorrow: You may have sinned today or done something you regret Express your sorrow to God and ask for forgiveness. If it’s a grave sin, pray about seeking forgiveness from the person offended, or the sacrament of reconciliation.
5) Grace: You may want to return to the meaningful part of your prayer and speak to God about how you felt. At the close of the prayer, ask for God’s grace for the following day. (Reference from James Martin, S.J.)

This “Mindfulness Monday” take time to acknowledge God’s presence in your life.

Life is a miracle; the journey’s a prayer.

Prayers Work

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