Lovingratitude Thursday – God is on my Team

IMG_7918It have had a silly dream that has lived  in my mind’s eye for over 40 years.  It all started when I learned to play volleyball.    I always felt my goal was unachievable based on my height.  One coach suggested that I not even try.  Today, my dream became a reality, and a friend told me it was akin to a golfer’s “hole in one.”  For many tall people it would be a small or easy win; to me a big, impossible victory. Regardless of what happened, it’ served as a personal reminder of God’s quiet message: “What else can I do for you? I am on your team.”   The experience echos joy throughout my being.

I wonder what would happen if I showed and told God each day that I am on his team?

Life is a miracle; the journey’s a prayer.


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