Mindfulness Monday – The Miraculous

Candle FlameThis week ESPNU is airing a story about a young man, Austin Hatch, who has survived two plane crashes, and he is now playing basketball for the University of Michigan.   This story is very close to me;  I know and love the Hatch Family.  In our home for many weeks, I kept a candle lit for Austin’s healing.  My family and I prayed and prayed.  I am grateful God answered my prayers, along with the prayers of many; I am grateful for God’s miracle.

Take time this Mindfulness Monday to watch ESPNU’s special on Austin’s miraculous journey.  You can find it by looking for the special on Sports Center tonight or by pasting the link below into your browser.


Life is a miracle; the journey’s a prayer.

Prayers Work.

Mary Ann L. Smith

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One Response to “Mindfulness Monday – The Miraculous”

  1. Monique Wallace Says:

    Mary Ann, This story his near and dear to my heart as well, as I have seen this story affect others close to me as well. My friends the Davis’s were vacationing with Austin’s family in Michigan and drove back from that vacation- the Hatchs’ flew back, and this was the first plan crash. Following this, or around the same time, the Davis family suffered the loss of their nephew; a horrible accident while on vacation with Wendy’s brother and his family.
    Living in Indiana, Ft. Wayne is just a bit North and this is the city in which the Hatch family is from.
    Ft. Wayne is a loving and supportive community, and the second tragedy was almost too much for the small community.
    As a friend of the Davis family and the Hatch family of CA and IN, I am sad to think about the tragedies that both families have endured and how inspirational they are to me.
    You are in my thoughts Mary Ann. As well as these loving families.
    Monique Wallace


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