Lovingratitude Thursday-Joy

Grateful, Thankful Thursday is now Lovingratitude Thursday.

IMG_8401Today, Lovingratitude Thursday is dedicated to JOY, an elixir.

Last night, my husband and daughter went to her high school’s father-daughter dance.  In lieu of a corsage, my husband brought home the school’s signature flower, one long-stemmed rosebud, the symbol of youthful love and beauty.  The gift delivered JOY.  Upon their return from a night of dancing contests, belonging, and giggles, the JOY in the house was contagious and mesmerizing.   Joy continues this morning.

Wishing you a Lovingratitude Thursday overflowing with JOY.

Life is a miracle, the journey’s a prayer.  PrayersWork.

Mary Ann L. Smith

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