Gratitude’s Wake-Up Call

May 27, 2014

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phoneiconI live a blessed life.  Yet, at times, it is easy for me to get on the”complainer”  path.  Not that I whine or complain a lot, there are just a few “issues” or “life situations” I wish I could change or control.  I guess I feel that complaining about it will change it.  In reality, no one wants to hear it.  Today, gratitude’s wake-up call put things into perspective, the Universe’s prescription to aid in my complaining.  A reminder of  what is important to me, of what I value and cherish.

Early this morning my 16-year old son called on the house phone crying, “Mom, I crashed the car!”  With a rattled voice, he said, “I fell asleep.  I was listening to soft music.  I hit the concrete divider!”  Visions of a multi-vehicle accident, an innocent person (or people) injured, my son bleeding and hurt passed through my mind.  My first response, “are you hurt?”  “No” was the teary reply.  I took a deep breath.  “Is anyone else hurt,” I asked.  “No” was the answer.  I took another deep breath and said to myself, “Thank you (God).”   In rush hour traffic, my son side-swiped the freeway divider and was able to continue driving; he didn’t touch another car and maintained complete control.   The car’s blue tooth speaker phone was our emotional life-line until he reached the safety of school.  I repeatedly told him, “breath, breath again.  I love you.  Let’s take it all one step at a time.  Be kind to yourself.  Be grateful you nor anyone else was hurt.  Cars can be repaired and replaced, you and other people cannot.  Remember, I love you.  Breath…..”    The damage to the car was less severe than what my son initially thought.  It can all be fixed; this is something I can control.   Today, those stupid upsets are in the past; I let go.  What were they again?  I have clarity.   I am thankful and grateful I got the call.

Life is a miracle; take time for a prayer.


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