Embrace Your Being of Interest

May 21, 2014

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I have a new mantra, a new prayer these days thanks to a recent college admissions workshop my husband and I attended.  The program was led by a group of admissions officers from a well-established, respected and sought after university.  Prior to attending, we, along with  300 participants, assumed the role of a college admissions officer to evaluated four, fictitious college applications.   Many of the applicants were the typical, high over-achievers who had a plethora of activities.  I loved the process, from breaking into teams to advocate for one student, to the various discussions why each student should (or perhaps not) be admitted.  The opinions of other participants gave me the gift to question my own beliefs, allowing me to expand, change and grow.   At the end of the evening, the candidate chosen for admission was the person who was the most interesting.  To me, the candidate was an authentic “being of interest.”

Beyond the Self-Imposed Box of LifeWith two teenage children who believe they know so much more about life than any adult let alone their parents, my mantras and my prayers are very interesting sometimes.  Since  the workshop,  I cannot seem to shake the question.  How do my children grow to embrace their authentic “being of interest?”  Aside from the lemons life throws them to enjoy the taste of resilient lemonade, what can I do to gently nudge my teenage children to look beyond their self-imposed box to investigate, discover and free “their being.”

So today, I pray.  I pray my children have the courage to try new things, way beyond their athletic cubes.  I pray for self-discovery to unveil their gift of inner-wisdom to become aware of the needs in the world.  I pray for the sacred heart to give them the greatest capacity to listen and to understand.  I pray for intuitive insight to courageously embrace their God-given gifts.  I finally pray for freedom for their souls to soar into adults who are interesting and who are interested, to embrace their very own and personal, authentic “being of interest.”

Prayers are interesting.  Life is a miracle; take time for a prayer.


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2 Responses to “Embrace Your Being of Interest”

  1. Marsi Says:

    Mary Ann
    This piece is so true and so honest. (There is a difference in those two words ). I loved it and I too will pray for all those young ones still to leave home for college and I will pray as well for those out of college and trying to achieve and succeed on their own. The future belongs to them.
    A wonderful piece today. Thank you for sharing.


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