A Prayer for “That Girl”: A Prayer for Annie

Many of us remember the wonderful show of “That Girl,” the 60’s sitcom of an all American girl we tuned into each night.  She was funny, independent, strong and just plain loveable.

Just like the theme song:Everything a girl should be

“Chestnuts, Rainbows, Springtime…
It’s That Girl
She’s tinsel on a tree…
She’s everything that every girl should be!”

I am dedicating today’s post to a twelve year-old “That Girl;” her name is Annie.  But unlike the healthy, sitcom character, Annie for the last seven years has struggled to heal a disease called Aplastic Anemia; it affects the bone marrow, blood cells and platelets.  She and her amazing family need  all of our prayers, blessings and positive thoughts.

In carpool, Annie is the morning sunflower, blessing all of us with her “That Girl” charm and style.   When she skips to the car,  I would never know if she was going to the hospital later that day for treatment.  When I see her with a backpack that wears her and her darling polka dot lunch bag, I never would know if she was up all night with an out-of-control nose bleed.  When I see her sweet smile and those long blonde pig tails bouncing like two toy slinkies as she thanks me for the ride,  it is hard to comprehend her journey with this disease.  Each time I drive carpool,  Annie shows me the gift of  “letting go;” she shows me the gift of “acceptance;” she shows me the gift of living “in the moment.”  Annie is love in its truest form and through her unyielding positive spirit, she inspires me to be a better everything.  She is “That Girl.”

Last night, Annie was admitted to the hospital for her second bone marrow transplant.  With the gift of humor, love and strength, her family is calling her home-away “the space station” as she needs to live in a germ free bubble while she undergoes chemo and radiation therapy before the transplant.  She will live in the space station for the next month.

As she is “everything that every girl should be“, I hope you and your friends will join me in sending abundant healing light for Annie,  each day for the next month.  Together the energy of our prayers will bless Annie and her family in ways that we may never know.


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4 Responses to “A Prayer for “That Girl”: A Prayer for Annie”

  1. Marguerite Says:

    Annie brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing her gifts.


  2. Heidi Johnson Says:

    Another beautiful post MaryAnn. We will keep Annie in our prayers!


  3. Andrea Bland Says:

    What a beautiful description of Annie’s magic. Thank you for rallying prayers for her, she is an inspiration and a gift that channels God’s grace. So thank you Mary Ann for this call for healing prayers.


  4. Monique Wallace Says:

    Thinking of my sweet Annie! Knew this day was coming at it was on my calendar! I donated platelets for Annie and I wonder if they are doing this again? A great way to give to Annie! She is “That Girl”, Mary Ann!!!! xo- Monique


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