Why are the Armenian-owned stores closed today?

Armenian Genocide Martyrs Memorial, Montebello, CA

Armenian Genocide Martyrs Memorial, Montebello, CA

A few years ago when I dropped off the weekly dry cleaning, I saw a simple sign that read:  “we will be closed on April 24th.”  I asked the owner why?  The vivacious and joy-filled man became sullen and politely replied:  “In honor of the Armenian Genocide.  We spend a day in prayer and in remembering.”  I was embarrassed that I was unaware of this part of world history.  When I saw this same sign yesterday I felt the whisper of Spirit to share it.

Between 1915-1921, one and a half million (out of 2.5 million) Armenians were killed in the Ottoman Empire by the “Young Turks.”   During this time, Armenians were called from their homes and relocated to concentration camps where they died of hunger and thirst.  Anyone helping an Armenian was killed.  The intellectual and political leaders were murdered on April 24.  It is a highly political part of world history, but not recognized by many nations.  The wounds are as deep as the devastation to this beautiful culture rich in tradition, values and love for mankind.

I believe life is a prayer and a prayer is love.  Healing is simply applying loving to the parts inside that hurt.  Today, please join me in sending a prayer of light, remembrance and love to our Armenian friends who hurt.  As we are interconnected through our souls, let’s make a difference and spread a little love around, healing one person at a time.


To honor, to love, to remember to heal.

Prayers Work.

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  1. Loretta Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I was not aware, but will be from now on!!!


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