The Love Locks in Paris

February 14, 2013

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Last August, my husband and I went on a much-needed solo trip to Europe.  I felt like a teenager with the gift of middle-aged wisdom.

While in Paris we stayed at a friend’s flat on the East Bank, two blocks from the grand and gorgeous Notre Dame.  The apartment with its “Maxwell Smartish” security and appealing decor made me feel like a contemporary Agent 99 in love with her irresistible hero.

The French know love.  In Paris everyone holds hands, regardless of age.  Hand-holding connects two souls; it is a gift that allows one to walk in sync with another human being while experiencing the sweetness of laughing, sharing and dreaming.  No wonder people feel more loving!

Every day it seemed we found ourselves holding hands on the Pont de arts, the bridge and home to the  master “love locks.”  Quite controversial due to many local community concerns: added weight and damage to the bridge, thousands of keys in the river, and some feel the locks are unsightly.  Pushing all that “wisdom” aside, the romantic teenager inside of me found the locks irresistible; I had to partake.  Although we met in kindergarten and first grade, I waited a very long time for St. Valentine to bring my Maxwell Smart into my life.  After finding a master lock to buy, I happily tossed the key in the river.  Sorry Paris, my teenager made me do it.  “She” had to leave her symbol of love for her hero on the Pont de arts.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day to my one true love.  You are the answer to a prayer.  IMG_5532


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3 Responses to “The Love Locks in Paris”

  1. Annie Says:

    How sweet!


  2. Nelson Holdo Says:

    What a lovely, romantic story! It made my Valentine’s Day to read it. It is wonderful and refreshing to see a couple sharing the kind of love that very few of us are blessed to know! Thank you! xx Nelson Holdo


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