The Soul Train of Love

“Cats are dangerous companions to writers because cat watching is a near-perfect method of writing avoidance.”  By Dan Greenburg

Although I have a beautiful golden retriever not a cat, I have written with feline grace these past two months.   The big blank page.   I “watched” the many stories of prayers and faith, and yet, didn’t hear the proper words or perspective to create the musical story with the keyboard.

I attended two difficult funerals in June for men who died too young. One, who was middle-aged, was a pillar of grandeur, joy and kindness in the community.  The other, who was at the budding seed of his adulthood, used his Olympian inner-strength and courage to heal his addiction to drugs and alcohol.  He finally found his one true love to share his gold medal heart.

As I tap at the keyboard the cat wants to creep in – the void, the sorrow, the loneliness and the fear. What are the words of perspective?

As my golden retriever approaches me with that relentless, wagging tail, I am reminded of the never-ending soul train of love, bursting with people, from within the community and from afar, who showed up at the funerals to join in the simple act of prayer.  Souls were saved; respects were paid; the unconditional purity of love was shared and received; everyone was changed.

Prayers Work.

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  1. Elita Says:

    Have missed your posts! Thank you for a beautiful reflection on 2 special men.


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