A Spiritual May Day Bouquet

Oh My Blessed Mother, in your heart I place ...

I love May!  It is the month of “Mary” – the month of the Blessed Mother.  It reminds me of the joys of childhood when I would leave a basket or bouquet of flowers at a neighbor’s door on the 1st.  After ringing the door bell, I would run away with giggles and delight.

This “May Day,” my husband, who is a Knight with the Order of Malta, leaves on his annual trip to Lourdes, France, with a group of Malades (in french meaning sick and dying) who are on a pilgrimage of healing, faith and acceptance to this sacred town.  Lourdes, famous for its’ healing water and baths, is the miraculous site of the story of Bernadette, a young sickly girl, who had visions of “The Beautiful Lady” in white.  Over the years, there have been 67 documented miracles of healing at Lourdes.

Each year when my Mr. Knight leaves for the pilgrimage, he takes a large envelope filled with names and private, prayerful notes from friends to deliver to the Grotto of Lourdes.  I consider it the best May Day bouquet. Instead of knocking on the door and running away, he will stay at the sanctuary and say a personal prayer for the intentions he leaves on behalf of others.  As a fan, subscriber or follower of Prayers Work, I have included you in this year’s bouquet.  It’s my small way to thank you for helping me bloom these past 5 months.

I pray the power of the Holy Spirit through the Lady of Lourdes provides guidance, strength, healing and a life of authentic joy for you.  With giggles and delight Prayers Work.

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  1. Marguerite Says:

    Thank you Mary Ann.


  2. Maureen Garrett Says:

    So proud of you for pursuing your passion. Safe travels for Mike and love to you as you continue your calling! Mo


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