What’s Your Vision? What’s Your Scene?

You don’t have to believe everything you think.”  Unknown

Life can bring unexpected challenges, rewards and opportunities in every area.   My feelings and thoughts can get the best of me.  So this past week when I was invited to co-chair a fundraising benefit, I said “yes,” with the full understanding challenges come with the territory, but also knowing it will be a wonderful experience overall.  Yet, if I am candid,  the “what-if” thoughts and feelings do percolate.  Am I up to the task?  Will people support the cause generously?  Will the financial goals be met?  So when a negative fantasy, or horror story starts to build in my mind, what can I do?

The Ideal Vision Statement.  By creating a beautiful vision, a scene, for the project I am building a mental shield of protection, and I am asking the universe to support me.  It is the process of expressing my “I AM” goals and dreams in rich, written text, filled with abundant, positive energy.  It is also filled with gratitude.  In simple terms, it is a visual, descriptive plan that will be 75% attainable in how I can be, how I can relate, and what I can carry out.  The other 25% of my vision will be pure dreamed-up, lottery hype with an array of embellishment wishes to keep me smiling.

The vision statement becomes a daily reminder and a private call to Spirit to please meet me half-way, a fun-loving, living prayer, full of surprises too.   Prayers Work.

More to come on Vision Statements.

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