Holy Week Part III – A Stroke of Genius

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“In a time of darkness, the mind begins to see.”  – Dan Mountain

The overwhelming  “shivers up the spine” feeling that births the awareness that a greater power is at work is looking at Dan today.  He lives at home, not in a nursing facility.  His mind and memory are intact.  Yes, he has some physical changes as he is now aided with a cane, but he walks, talks and breathes on his own.

Although Dan is not the same, he is better in many ways.  He is sweeter, kinder and more caring.  Dorothy says, “my life calling is to take care of him. I am grateful for everything we have in our lives.  Dan and I have a very compassionate teenager who is beautiful inside and out.”

During Dan’s recovery poetic and profound words of wisdom streamed through his lips.  With Dan’s creative gifts from God intact, his friend, singer / songwriter Marc Black, turned Dan’s poetry into songs and produced a CD entitled “A Stroke of Genius;” it is available on iTunes.  Check it out; one of my favorites is “At Night.”

Today, Dan is a sports blogger at http://www.mountainonsports.com.  His mind sees; he writes;  he shares his gifts.

Prayer gave Dorothy courage to accept things, to be grateful to move on.  “Life doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ to be wonderful.  My family is an example of that,” reflects Dorothy.

Today, in Venice Beach, Dorothy sees people pray who are hopeless.  “We are put on earth to be of service to others.  Since the stroke, we dwell on the incredibly beautiful life that we have as a family.”  What a perfect mantra for Good Friday.

Prayers Work.

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