Holy Week Part II – Love, Faith and Commitment to Prayer

Dan Mountain Continued – “Please tell my wife I love her.”  

To Dorothy it was all about the prayers; it became her calling.  Everyone she knows, even her former atheist friends, agree they had a miracle through prayer when Dan woke up.

It was a deeply profound journey of prayer, people coming together from around the world, believers and non believers, to pray in their own way.  Whether it was to pound a drum or attend mass, Dorothy just asked everyone to pray in the living beauty of their own authentic way.  Whatever provided personal spiritual courage was enough.  When a friend or client called to asked, “What can I do?”  Dorothy responded, “Pray for my husband.”   Her simple request energized prayer circles around the country and other parts of the world, all for Dan.  Her own neighborhood came together to experience the genuine beauty and spirituality of a candlelight prayer vigil.

Dorothy never prayed so hard in her life.  Dorothy attended mass everyday; she walked in the steps of gratitude when she thought she would lose him.  She personally prayed to the Blessed Peter Faber, SJ, the first Jesuit priest, for his intercession.

Prayers helped Dorothy and their daughter through an extremely difficult and sad time, and yet it was also filled with the natural true beauty of love, faith and commitment.

Perhaps  the Blessed Peter Faber, SJ, and the Latin motto of the Society of Jesus sums it up, “ Ad majorem Dei gloriam (AMDG)”, meaning “To the Greater Glory of God”  –  Dan lived.

What is Dan doing today?   Please check in on Good Friday for Part III –  A Stroke of Genius.  Prayers Work

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