A Remedy for the Spitting Tazz Mad

March 9, 2012

Spiritual Toolbox

Have you ever had a day when you experienced a self-imposed “timeout” – cocooned away at home because you were so mad and upset you could win the global spitting contest?

With embarrassment, I experienced one of those days last month.  My button was pushed hard.  I knew deep inside the situation was bringing forth something entirely different for me to heal or let go of once and for all.  In my studies, I learned “how I (you) relate to the issue is the issue,” and I was not relating.  Even though the upsetting situation was out of my control, I could control the decision to heal or not to heal, to suffer or not to suffer.

Since I am not addicted to suffering and prefer to embrace the “Pollyanna,” I chose to heal, the simple approach.  I opened the spiritual toolbox and chose “detox writing;”  it is the rainbow of peace; it can heal the dis-ease.  The whole process takes at least 15-20 minutes.  I invite you to experience the divine grace of detox writing.  Here are the steps:  1) turn off cell phone and unplug the house phone; 2) take a minimum of three sheets of lined paper and a few pencils;  2)  light a candle; 3)  find a comfortable peaceful and private area for your exercise; 4) surround yourself with the love and light of the Holy Spirit; 5)  clarify your intention (ie, Dear God, for my deepest healing please allow whatever needs to come forward –  to be healed once and for all); 6) then allow that “tazz” to take over and flow into your pencil and write. Get it all out!  Throw it up!  Use a minimum of both sides of three sheets of lined paper; and 7) burn the paper afterwards.

During the process I REMEMBER  SIX CRITICAL RULES:  1)  I will not judge the writing.  2)  I will not re-read the writing.  3)  I will not worry about spelling. 4)  I will not worry about punctuation. 5)  I will WRITE, WRITE AND WRITE! 6) I will burn it afterwards.

I write until what is flowing through to the paper is absolutely God-loving. (You will know when to stop)  My handwriting shifts from fast-paced chicken scratches to slow-paced loving and poetic words.  Sometimes exhausted other times rejuvenated,  I experience more peace, a letting go.  The spitting tazz is gone.  When I feel complete, I burn the monologue in the fireplace to release it back to God.  All that spit-fire is simply the lack of love.

Afterwards, I take note to see where a door opens that was once bolted shut.  For me, a little life magic usually happens that I find rewarding.  As my anger becomes the alchemy of peace, my prayer answered.  It will for you or someone you know too.  Please feel free to share your experience in the comments section of this post.  And remember, Prayers Work with the help of the spiritual toolbox.

Have a blessed weekend.


Mary Ann

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