Who Really Knows Me? Who Really Cares? Where Do I Belong? The Dis-ease

February 17, 2012

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Belonging, love, happiness, acceptance and joy are all free.  It is blind to race, socio-economic status or gender, even to believers and non-believers.  But why does it escape so many people?

Behind those smiles and God-given gifts we see in Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, a girlfriend, an employee, to our weekly tennis partner, there is the shared internal “dis-ease”, the inner torment or anchor of insecurity, keeping at bay true happiness.  Did they all ask:  Who really knows me?  Who really cares?  Where do I belong?  Is this dis-ease also compounded in an age of technology where personal relationships are replaced with text and Facebook messages?  Few are the days of a real conversation over a cup of coffee.

In Latin dis is the prefix meaning apart, asunder, away.  It is a negative or reversing force.

Only in my sweetest dreams do I have a Whitney Houston voice.  She had everything: beauty, effervescence, and creative talents, not to mention enormous wealth.  It seems God handed her the entire buffet table of talents and gifts.  And yet, Whitney Houston’s dark hole of drug and alcohol abuse was her outlet for something.  Her dis was tragic at every level.  Who really knows me?  Who really cares?  Where do I belong?

Is the dis the ego’s way of doing its best to mask our light, our unconditional self-loving, our connection to Spirit?  The dis-content, the dis-like, the dis-own, the wedges of dis-ease that keeps us apart when we truly belong in kinship to one another, regardless of our self-imposed social position or self-perceived economic status?  Could life simply be about letting go of the dis to embrace the ease?  It sounds too simple – to belong, to accept, to like, to be content, to be free — yet it is so good.

Perhaps starting with a little mantra or prayer of more “ease” in life with a little grace mixed in is something we can consider feasting on this weekend, along with sharing an intimate conversation over coffee.  It may bring a savory morsel of happiness to those willing to pay the price.  Prayers Work.


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