Two Left Ears and Two Left Eyes

“God gave us two ears and one mouth, so we can hear twice as much as we say.” – Unknown Source

It’s “Feastful Friday.” I don’t know if it is about reflecting and sharing how life fed my soul this week or how “PrayersWork” might feed yours.  I will let you decide.

I was honored this week to speak with two amazing people who shared their remarkable stories where prayers were answered; beating all medical odds.  They are giving me the honor of giving a voice to the miracles in their life.  I pray I do justice to their stories that will be featured soon.

As my youthful dream was to become a “reporter,” it died when the rejection letter came from the coveted School of Journalism at The University of Southern California.  Funny how life happens!  Through the internet, I am a “prayer reporter” of sorts.

This week, “sacred” listening became one important skill.  It’s the ability to listen with full acceptance, no self-imposed opinion, a muscle that needs constant conditioning.  Perhaps this is the reason I have one mouth and two ears.  If I can have a day of “two left feet,” can I have a day of “two left ears?”  If yes, I suspect I am blind to the days I am using “two left eyes.”  What blessings have I missed?

Eyes of Buddha - Wisdom

Spirit listens and sees me with unconditional loving, no opinion on what I should or should not be doing, how I should look, what I should wear, what I should say – no pressure.  If I could unlock the power of living constantly with two clear eyes, and two fine-tuned ears, could I grow into my fullest potential?  I have no clue what that even looks like.  So this weekend, my intention is to unlock my right ear and my right eye and to balance those senses while I keep my mouth closed.  Perhaps it’s the modeling of Spirit’s behavior that opens the door of wisdom.


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