The Miracle Chase Dream

A Wise Trinity: The Miracle Chase Authors Meb, Katie, Joan

I have a dream that we all open up to the miracles in our lives to receive three true gifts from God.

All in perfect timing during the Martin Luther King holiday weekend, I finished The Miracle Chase by Joan Luise Hill, Katie Mahon and Mary Beth Phillips, PhD; a book about “the greater plan.” Skimming the surface it is about gifts of faith, friendship and survival; I believe there is deeper meaning.

The Miracle Chase is a thought-provoking journey best savored one chapter at a time.  Filled with quotes of wisdom, the writers gently unfold the coincidences and the synchronicity entwined in their lives.  It becomes unmistakably powerful.

I feel a new appreciation for the number 3 (one of my daughter’s favorite numbers), it represents the sacred trinity as in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  As in the story of the three wise men bringing gifts to the Baby Jesus, to me, The Miracle Chase is a female version of finding, receiving and sharing life’s three miracle gifts.

1)  Myrrh:  The first gift in the form of Divine Grace, deep grieving, great compassion and empathy.  The miracle of the Blessed Mother.
2) Frankincense:  arriving like a joyful beam of light, the gift of acceptance in the form of Spiritual Wisdom. The miracle of St. Sophia, the patron saint of holy wisdom.
3)  Gold:  The alchemy of divine grace and spiritual wisdom brings the powerful gift of taking off the mask to live Authentically, from the genuine, loving and faith-filled heart.  The miracle of the Holy Child.

The Miracle Chase encourages me to delve deeper inside to question where am I on the journey of embracing the sacred trinity?  Each one is a miracle.  I hope their story opens up pondering questions for you as well.  And if so, please share your comments on “”  It would be a gift of  “myrrh, frankincense and gold.”

Blessings to discovering and embracing life’s trinity.  And please remember in your chase of miracles “prayers work.”

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