A Mack Truck of Prayers

In the spring of 2011, St. Andrew’s Church in Westwood, New Jersey collected 40,000 pounds of food, clothing and emergency supplies for the victims of the tornado outbreaks.  The budget of $800 was not enough to cover transportation costs as church volunteers had to rent an 18-wheeler to haul the bundle of goodwill to Arkansas.  The church was short $1400.

A Prayerful Delivery

A Prayerful Delivery

Jim, the head of the human concerns committee for the church, kept the faith.  He just knew some how the load of blessings would be delivered.  To calm the worries of the volunteer driver, Jim simply said, “don’t worry Greg, the Lord will find a way.  Don’t worry, it will happen, keep the delivery date and continue with the plan.”

Within the week of delivery, Jim received an anonymous donation, one of the many 50/50 raffle tickets sold for a fundraiser for a local chapter of the Knights of Columbus that was raising money to buy food for a homeless shelter in Newark.   The winner of the raffle was to be announced on Friday, one day before departure.

And yes, “don’t worry Greg, the Lord will find a way,” Jim had the winning ticket.  The church received exactly $1400 to cover the short-fall.  A “mack truck” of prayers answered from Westwood, to Newark, all the way to a church hub in Arkansas.

All in God’s perfect timing, prayers worked.

With heart-felt blessings to Rich in New Jersey for sharing this story and especially to  the “angel” who donated the raffle ticket.

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