A Little Rose Parade Karma

Imagine the Best in 2012

With gorgeous southern California New Year’s weather, a local club started the Rose Parade in 1890 to attract easterners to the area.  In the early years when January 1 was to be on Sunday, the local churches lining Colorado Boulevard approached parade officials about keeping Sunday’s sacred.  The “never on Sunday” tradition was born, and the parade was moved those years to Monday. Good Karma!

It has only rained 10 times in the parade’s 123 years, most recently in 2006 when a torrential rain graced a January 2nd parade.  This was the year KTLA broke with tradition; the year Stephanie Edwards was “dumped” for the “28 year-old younger woman” to co-host the parade with Bob Eubanks.  How ironic, the day prior was a  January 1st clear-sky Sunday.  While the 28 year-old reigned in the box, it seemed the weather reflected what millions of television viewers and fans felt as a drenched Stephanie Edwards, now called a street reporter/co-host, graciously reported from the streets.  It was a January 2nd day of symbolism and karma.  The wiser, more mature and gracious Stephanie Edwards returned to reign in the KTLA sky box in 2008.

Today, in keeping with the tradition of roses, fabulous bands, creative floats, a beautiful royal court, dedicated volunteers in white suits, and Stephanie Edwards, good karma kept the sun shining.

Imagine the Best in 2012



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