Dear Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus

December 23, 2011

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Are we ever too old to write a letter to Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus?  The magical and mystical figures who cheerfully slide down the chimney to deliver goodies, but really deliver a life-time of presents of faith, hope, unconditional love and goodwill.

My "Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus"

Christmas is the time of year when it seems that everything is magnified, especially for those of us who have lost a loved one.  My mother passed away over 25 years ago during the Christmas season, and my father passed away 15 years ago.  I do feel their loss, especially at Christmastime, for their maternal grandparent love abounding around the tree is not of my reality.  The “I wish it was different sadness” nestles in my heart.  So it occurred to me that I too could honor my parents and write them a “Dear Santa” letter on Christmas Eve, giving a voice to the love and gratitude I have for all they did for me.

Writing is very healing and giving a voice to what is inside blooms forth a deeper, intimate love.  So if you or someone you know has lost a loved one, please invite them to join me in writing a new kind of “Dear Santa” letter.  When my own children leave their traditional note to “Santa”, along with milk, cookies and the towel by the fireplace to clean Santa’s feet, I will participate in my own small way by lighting a small fire to fly my sentimental note up to heaven, as even today I feel protected and supported by the loving arms of my “Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus.”

Wishing you the unexpected miracle this Christmas.





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  1. Heidi Johnson Says:

    What a beautiful post. I will write my dear sabra letter and think of your lovely inspiration. I’m sure your mr & mrs Claus are most proud this Christmas!


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