A Child Prodigy Paints Colton’s Vision of Jesus

December 21, 2011

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This is a follow-up to Monday’s post about the book “Heaven is for Real” by Todd Burpo who shares the journey of his 4 year-old son’s (Colton)  trip to heaven and back.  In the story Colton describes what Jesus looks like, but after the “heavenly experience,” he does not see any authentic renditions of Jesus in pictures or artist paintings.  But God has a plan for Colton to see a perfect picture, and it involves one child to another.

Mr. Burpo came across a CNN report about a very special young Lithuanian-American girl, Akiane Kramartik, a child prodigy who at the age of 4 started having “visions” of heaven.  In the report, the descriptions of Akiane’s visions where very similar to Colton’s.  She started painting at the age of 6 and painted vivid pictures of Jesus in “Prince of Peace” and “Father Forgive Them.”  Remarkably, it was through Akiane’s artistic talents and gifts that Colton saw his authentic vision of Jesus when he came back from heaven.

What makes this story more remarkable is Akiane’s mom was an atheist.  God truly knows how to pick a child’s parent as it is through children, we as adults and parents, learn so much about God’s love.  It was through Akiane’s visions from above and her artistic and musical talents that helped her mom to become a believer in God too.

Below is a CNN report on Akiane.  As you watch it, I hope it gives birth to the gifts and talents inside of you.  May it grow into something beautiful too.

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